February 2023 | Market Report

February 2023 | Market Report

  • Matt McLaughlin
  • 03/13/23

As we review the numbers for February, the data appears less consistent than in months past. While we are certainly only looking at snapshots in time and in February’s case an even shorter time frame of 28 days, the trend lines are typically more similar than what we see here. The one consistent number across each market we reviewed is the increase in the number of homes now pending, which often outnumbers both the number of homes sold and the number of active listings. The months of available inventory, often a good indicator of how long a home may take to sell is still relatively low in all markets as well – under 1.5 months in most cases.

As we look to spring, we expect to see more homes available for sale and more buyers seeking homes. We anticipate a busy and competitive market in the coming months. To understand how Matt McLaughlin & Associates can best help you navigate this dynamic marketplace, Call Matt today.

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